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Volunteer Malaysia and get a flavour of what Asia has to offer. Being one of the most biodiverse regions in the world the environment is what attracts many people to volunteer Malaysia. From the coral reefs of Perhentian to the rainforests of Borneo, Malaysia has something for all volunteers.

Malaysia is a blend of three cultures, Chinese, Indian and Malay, making it not only environmentally rich but also culturally rich. The blend of the three cultures has created a blend of food that is unique to Malaysia. With Chinese meals that are spicy and curry with noodles the food of Malaysia in another reason to volunteer Malaysia.

Recommended volunteer Malaysia projects

Volunteer with Sun Bears - Sun bear rehab centre in Borneo

Cost - GBP800 for 4 weeks

Volunteer in Borneo with the sun bears! Borneo is well known for its wildlife diversity with many unique species being present only in Borneo. Sun bears, the smallest species of bears are only found in the tropical forest of Southeast Asia and here at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation centre near Sepilok, Borneo, holds captured sun bears which will be rehabilitated to be returned to the wild.

Sun Bear Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo.


Volunteer in Perhentian islands - Conservation & Community Project

Cost - GBP120 per week

Ecoteer expanded the project in Perhentian to a second site where they focus on raising environmental awareness, community development and community tourism in the fishing village in Perhentian. Help us conduct three weekly school clubs (Snorkelling, English & Environmental), learn about the Malay culture and lifestyle and live the life of an Islander in the paradise Perhentian Islands.

Community & Conservation Project in Perhentian.


Volunteer in Ipoh - Summit Mount Korbu and help Rainforest Conservation efforts

Cost - GBP688 for 2 weeks

This is an adventure of a lifetime. Join our volunteer Rainforest Conservation Adventure Programme in Malaysia and help collect mammal population data using Camera traps and experience life with the local villagers who once lived nomadic lifestyles in the Rainforest.

Rainforest Awakening in Malaysia


Volunteer in Tiger Conservation - Help conserve wild tiger populations in Taman Negara

Cost - GBP300 for 1 week

A collaboration between MyCat and Ecoteer, this volunteer tiger conservation project on the border of Taman Negara aims at reducing human impacts in the wildlife corridor between the Taman Negara National Park and the main mountain range in West Malaysia (this is where poaching is at its most dense). The corridor is the last rainforest connection between Taman Negara and the main mountain range and is currently used by wild animals like a highway between these two large patches of forest.

Tiger Conservation Programmes in Malaysia


Marine Research station - Perhentian Islands

Cost - GBP200 per week

Be part of a Marine conservation project in Malaysia, learn to dive and then survey the coral reefs surrounding these beautiful islands. You will conduct 2 dives per day Tuesday to Friday and then Saturday you will host an awareness booth to spread marine awareness to the tourists staying in the islands.

Join this Turtle & Dive gap year Asia volunteer project now


Orangutan & Elephant Safari in Borneo

Cost - Over GBP200 per week

This Borneo Safari is one not to be missed for any nature lover. You will cruise along the Kinabatangan River in search of tell tale signs of Orangutans and Pygmy Elephants. The data will then be given to WWF-Malaysia. You will also visit the local primary school to teach the children environmental awareness and also help with tree replanting programmes in the area.

Join the Orangutan & Elephant volunteer project new


Zoo Assistant, work with Orangutans and other tropical creatures

Cost - GBP200 per week

Whilst you help at the Zoo you will care for several different tropical species including Orangutans, tigers, large snakes, chimps and many more. This programme is a great chance for you to gain experience working in a zoo and a chance to understand the bad sides about Zoo's as well as the good side.

Become a Tropical Zoo Assistant



one of the first things to consider when you volunteer Malaysia is the climate. Malaysia is in the tropics with daily temperatures being a constant 34 degrees throughout the year. The country is affected by an annual monsoon with the east coast of west Malaysia experiencing high wind and rain from the months of November through to February. The climate means Ecoteers turtle volunteer project in Perhentian is closed in the monsoon months as the turtles migrate to get away from the strong winds.



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