Placement: Needed Volunteers for many orphan homes & schools of Nepal

Placement Type: Teaching, Humanitarian, Research
Continent: Asia
Country: Nepal

Type of volunteers accepted: Individuals, Partners, Families, Small groups, Large groups
Maximum number of volunteers: 1-10
Minimum length of placement: 2 weeks
Average length of placement: 6 months

Price per week: £20 - £50


  • 01/07/2012 - 30/12/2015

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Children of Mamta Childcare Trust

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About the Placement

The volunteer opportunities are in the following areas:

1. Teaching English in school

2. Volunteering in day childcare centers.

3. Volunteering in orphan children home.

We have the association of many orphan children homes in Kathmandu,Nepal. so that we can make many many placements to the interested volunteers in the orphan children homes.

Volunteers are necessary in many orphan children homes and english schools of Nepal. Because volunteers can helps in the schools for teaching english and other subjects to the children as well as they can exchange the cultures and models of one country to another country !!!

same way volunteers can helps in the orphan children home in many works with home and the children.

Volunteers can stay in their volunteering sectors or field at the night time also. But these days our government is not giving allowed to stay in the children home for the volunteers. so that they have to stay outside the orphan children home at the night time.Whatever we can considers for the single volunteers to make placement in the orphan children homes for staying at the night also.

We have our own guest house. The details of the guest house are given bellow:

Standard lodging in our guest house:

Volunteer can go in the volunteering sector at the day time and they can come to stay at night time in the guest house. Other field’s volunteers also can stay in our guest house at the night time and at the day time they can go to doing volunteer in their related field. If the volunteers want eat the Nepali food and tea/coffee then we will provide you free of cost in our Guest house. Or if the volunteer want to cook (prepare) food themselves then they have to bring food materials.

Water, electricity, gas burner set, cooking pots, telephone, internet, bathroom, television etc will be facilities in the guest house.


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Role of Volunteer

Teaching in schools:

In this program volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to Nepali children.Volunteers can teach any subjects if they are export in the related subject. It is the goal of our partner organization to ensure that the children of Nepal are able to advance their practical written and verbal English language skills. In Nepal, English is becoming more and more of a required skill for job placement, educational advancement and future success. Schools in Nepal often lack in funding and resources. Class size can range from 10 to 80 students. School runs from Sunday to Friday with Saturday off, students are between 4 and 16 years of age. To teach English at a Nepali school you don’t need to have formal teaching qualifications. You will need a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of patience. Festivals, exams, holidays and strikes disrupt the teaching schedule at various times throughout the year.

Orphanage Program:

In this program volunteers will be placed in an orphanage located within a one and a half hour bus ride from the heart of Katmandu. Some placements allow the volunteer to live within the orphanage; however, volunteers can also choose to be placed with a host family. Your role as an Orphanage Volunteer is to be a big brother or sister to the children. What you will be doing will vary in each orphanage. You may be required to help in other ways besides simply working with the children - for example helping with medical visits, cleaning, paper recycling, gardening, teaching the house mothers how to properly clean, doing repairs, mending clothing, planning activities for after they return from school and perhaps preparing meals. Once the children return from school, your role will be to assist and encourage them with their homework as well as play with them.



Travel Information

How do I get from the airport to the guest house?

You will be met outside the airport terminal by holding a playcard with your that volunteers have to provide us their flight information as soon as possible so that a punctual pick-up can be assured.


Photo Gallery

Children’s life in Nepal

Children’s life in Nepal 

english shool

english shool 

EX-volunteer eaching in orphan home!!

EX-volunteer eaching in orphan home!! 

Amazing underground river of Nepal

Amazing underground river of Nepal 

Children of Mamta Childcare Trust

Children of Mamta Childcare Trust 


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